InfoSHIP® EGO allows data to be acquired from automation and navigation systems or directly from sensors, on the basis of parametric sampling times, to be filtered and turned into performances
InfoSHIP® EGO manages voyage and fuel data, including bunker delivery notes, different fuel type together with fuel technical data, in order to account for CO2 emissions.
InfoSHIP® EGO calculates the main propulsion and electrical generation KPIs in order to understand at a glance if the efficiency of the ship is in line with the assigned targets;
InfoSHIP® EGO computes the optimum trim for the different speed and loading conditions and advice the Master on board how to trim the in order to reduce fuel consumption;

InfoSHIP® EGO can trigger pop-up or e-mail alerts to duly in charge personnel onboard or ashore based on custom events (i.e. speed greater than a defined value or 2nd diesel generator started) in order to avoid losing time looking at software dashboards all the time.
InfoSHIP® EGO allows user to compare the performances of sister ships or different time periods of the same ship, i.e. before and after some refitting action, in order to evaluate the real payback period and performances increase.
RINA SERVICES has contributed to the software development,
in particular for EGO modules thanks to its technical know-how


Fuel saving of up to 10% if systematic use of InfoSHIP EGO energy governance is applied with trim and speed optimization, real time monitoring and alerting features.
Thanks to big data, being able to really understand how each ship of the fleet behaves in different loading and environmental conditions in order to make an optimal deployment of the different ships over the commercial routes
Effective way to be compliance with SEEMP and MRV regulation in order to monitor the savings of any proposed action and to have all the data to be reported fast and easy
Transparency for contractual counterparty: all the parties involved in ship trading operations have a clear and unique view of the performances of the ship and its fuel consumption
Manage every refitting action like reblading, silicon paint or ESD installation in order to evaluate the real payback period of the investment over the long time;
Report fuel consumption costs together with all technical and operational parameters with more reliability and accuracy than standard noon reports based on one single data entry over a whole day.


"Thanks to EGO, our fleet performance has significantly improved: adopting a permanent monitoring system on board has been the right choice."

Ivana Melillo, Fleet Performance Manager

"Our commitment to reduce fuel consumption and emissions is very well known: InfoShip EGO is a valuable tool to support the investment of the Company towards energy optimization and ensures higher efficiency."

Antonio Campagnuolo, Marine Operations Director
Grandi Navi Veloci

"EGO is the right tool if you want to evaluate the real performance increase of a refitting action, like a reblading, and its related true payback period."

Dario Bocchetti, Energy Saving Manager
Grimaldi Group


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